Pearls of wisdom before swine.

When you're stuck heading eastbound on I-70 in a traffic jam caused by a jack-knifed tractor-trailer outside of Abilene, KS, it's easy to place your expectations on local radio at ankle-level.

This is what Kansas looks like. I think it's safe to assume you didn't already know.

But dang if that Christian talk radio station didn't give some of the best parenting advice I've heard.

As I rolled and braked through the vast prairies and raised my windows against the piquant stink of the pig fields, the talk show host admonished his armchair congregants to "Turn towards your children with kindness, folks."

Something we don't do nearly enough. I don't like it when adults are annoyed with kids. You were most definitely an asshole when you were a kid. Even if, on the whole, you were a good kid, you had your moments. I promise you. And if your mother says otherwise, she's lying. She probably also gives you a check for $20 every birthday.

If you take nothing else away from the Kansas prairie, let it be the message of actual Christian love. Be kind to kids, have patience with them, and remember you're raising future citizens, not just having babies.

"And for the love of Pete: don't hit 'em."


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