Highway 1, Rachel 0.

In the novel Beaches, an ailing Roberta ferried herself to Carmel, CA, to live out her final days. It was the only place she could find peace as she prepared for the end of her brief, disappointing life.

And I think it was in Carmel that I wheeled my dead relationship to the shore, parked it next to Bertie, and said Arrividerkey, turkey.

I'd already spent months analyzing and amending the corrupted soil in the Superfund Site that was my last long-term relationship. I came out of it with the clarity of a crystal and absolutely no patience for bullshit. By the time we left Napa, I was ready to sling this fizzling fling out the car window and watch the gusty fog carry it over the cliffs of Big Sur.

Driving through this vast stretch of California was a surreal experience. Since I was being ignored, I was able to completely absorb myself into my surroundings.

The Pacific Coast Highway, aka State Route 1, is a marvelous thing. Hundreds of miles of stunning, shining vistas are dotted with ancient forests and seaside villages (if the villagers wore Fendi and drove Jaguars).

Ironically, I may not have placed so much attention on my surroundings if I'd been, you know, enjoying myself.

Enjoy the spoils of my spoiled time!

Wow! The marina in Sausalito!

Wow! The towering trees of Muir Woods in Sausalito!

Wow! Snow-topped trees in Yosemite!

Wow! Hoof prints in Yosemite!

Wow! Fog rolling over the mountains in Yosemite!

Wow! Deer warily eyeing a coyote in Yosemite!

Wow! Stunning rock formations in Yosemite!

Wow! One of many gorgeous waterfalls in Yosemite!

Wow! Sunlight streaming through the snowy trees in Yosemite!

Wow! Incredible Pacific panoramas in Monterey!

Wow! Craggy shores in Monterey!

Wow! Gorgeous sea plants in Monterey!

Wow! Picturesque rock formations in Monterey!

Wow! The lone cypress in Monterey!

Wow! Shouting sea lions near San Simeon!

Wow! Superweaners near San Simeon!

Wow! A whole wall of gum in San Luis Obispo!

Wow! Told you!

Wow! Michael McDonald does cool stuff in Santa Barbara!

Wow! Gossiping palms in Santa Barbara!

Wow! A super-cool art gallery and studio in Santa Barbara!

Wow! An incredible sunset in Santa Barbara!


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