Boy-se crazy.

Couchsurfing is fun because it's free, a great way to meet hospitable folks, and you're never quite sure if your host is going to murder you.

For anxious travelers, this is an ideal way to put your worry to some legitimate use.

For cynical nihilists like me, well...I just like the gamble.

But one night, in the middle of Idaho, I was staring at my cowboy boots -- really, my whole life, just strewn in front me in a tiny pile of shit -- and wondering what I was going to do next because I didn't know anyone and there wasn't much to do in terms of nightlife.

This was it. All my stuff. All of it.

It was then that my host informed me the local firemen wanted to have me as their dinner guest at the local station.

And, by god, when firemen offer to make you dinner, you répondez with plaît.

Because that is one hell of a last meal.


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